About Recamov

The world is changing and so is the way people work.

Working remotely was only a dream for most employees just a few years ago. But recently, many companies have committed to remote work full or part-time. The recent worldwide pandemic has also led to many companies with traditional workforces to digitally transform and support a remote workforce instead.

The silver lining in this major shift is that most employees - and their employers - have found remote work extremely beneficial on budgets, productivity, and work-life balance. And most companies now say that they plan to implement remote work even after doctors neutralize the COVID-19 threat.

Recamov began prior to the current global pandemic. But good things take time to develop, and I am grateful to be able to provide a much-needed service under these difficult circumstances.

Despite the economic effects of COVID-19, little has changed in how remote job boards work. Some have been able to spread the idea of remote jobs quite well, while most job boards struggle to provide a full suite of support for those seeking full-time remote employment. I’ve gotten feedback from numerous friends who feel that the leading job boards are not actively reaching out to new companies, even though data shows that there are more jobs than what job boards would have job seekers believe.

My desire is to decrease the remote worker’s sense of seclusion and provide long-overdue assistance and recognition to employees from all walks of life and employers of all sizes championing remote careers.

And that’s why I’ve launched Recamov, which stands for Remote Career Move.

We are now launching a job board showcasing the latest trending jobs in the market, company profiles, relevant articles, as well as interviews with remote companies and employees!

But this is just the first step. We have already begun developing great ways to promote this vibrant community of employers and top talent that work from anywhere. I hope you will join me in this journey as we build what I hope will be a closely-knit community of creative, productive, and healthy work teams.

In recognition for their assistance, I want to thank members of my Recamov team - Ken, Sergey and Valery. This idea could not succeed without their dedicated work.

If you are looking for a remote job, please subscribe to our mailing list to receive the most recent available remote positions. Also, you can visit our website to check for new job posts and keep up-to-date with the latest news and resources.

If you are an employer, you can join the team by posting your open job on our site. As always, I thrive on feedback, so if you have ideas on how to promote your job beyond our current features, give me a shout so that we can discuss further.

Thank you for visiting Recamov.

Onwards and upwards!

John Mallia, Founder of Recamov